Fries Reyntjens

Fries Reyntjens

About The Artist:
Fries Reyntjens was born in 1974 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Since childhood, He has been fascinated by cars. He has been drawing cars for as long as he can remember.

Fries attended Sint Lucas Art school in Ghent – Belgium. Where he got his master degree in Fine arts the year 2000. Since then he has been working as a graphic designer and automotive artist.

“Fries aims to create paintings that capture motor racing on it’s nostalgic best.”

The real challenge is interpreting the subject and to make an appealing image. This is obtained by skillfully manipulating the historic references, the impression of speed, the background, light and reflections…and making them stronger through color, mood, texture, composition and style. The interaction between these elements make every new painting a personal challenge. It’s a process of constantly searching and continuously evolving his work.

His goal is to create work that provides lasting pleasure and an artistic value, not only to motoring enthousiasts.

Fries has sold his paintings on various exhibitions and motorracing events in Europe. He has had several commissions for motoring related art and posters.

Commisions are accepted.

Classic Car, Motorsport (Illustration, Photography)


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