Gary Grossi

Gary Grossi

Gary Grossi

About The Artist:
I was born and raised in Northern Calif, were I still live. I have loved cars and hot rods from an early age, I had a cousin who had a 58 Corvette that I got to ride in, my neighbor had a beautiful 57 Chevy with chrome Cragers and decals on the back side windows, I watched a couple 60s muscle cars, new then, come around the corner down from my house line up and proceeded to drag down my street, one day riding with my Dad I saw two guys in a 65 Impala back out of a driveway and then smoked the Hell out of the tires, fishtailing down the street, way cool. These experiences among others all embedded the love of the car culture in me forever.

I started drawing about 8 years old, drawing dinosaurs, cars, people and what ever I could. At about 12 I picked up a Hot Rod Magazine, when I got to the back pages of ads I saw something that changed my life forever, the Ed Roth Monster shirt ads, Wow! I wanted to draw like that, so I have to say Ed Roth along with Ed Newton where my biggest inspirations.

After High School I started hanging out at the local speed shop were I was always around cool cars and other total gear heads. I drew stuff for the owner like ads, t-shirts, and drawings for some of the guys of their cars. On Friday and Saturday nights we cruised the local strip, with loads of very cool cars and rods. I also went to drag meets at local tracks when ever I could.

In the Mid 80s I really started drawing a lot, not so much for other people but just drew different stuff that was coming into my head. I draw cars, rods, dragsters, muscle cars, customs, and anything car related all in my own cartoon style. I like to draw things from the past, old lost drag strips, dinners, gas stations and speed shops, which I use for backgrounds for Some of my drawings all of which come from my own imagination.

I start all my drawings in pencil, after there refined I ink them in with different felt pens, then I scan them into my PC were they are cleaned up, colored and detailed.

My website has many prints of my work available for purchase, along with vintage drag racing and car show posters and even my new coloring book. I do commission work upon request.


Cartoon, Classic Car, Exotic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Lowrider, Muscle Car


Gary Grossi Artwork 1

Gary Grossi Artwork 2

Gary Grossi Artwork 3

Gary Grossi Artwork 4

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