Gaston Vanzet

Gaston Vanzet

Gaston Vanzet

About The Artist:
I have loved motorcycles and art for as long as I can remember. The classic and vintage motorcycle memories of my youth inspire me to create these illustrations. There is a place for a masterpiece of motorcycle restoration in a glass case for sure but give me the restored classic heading down the road any day. Get the wheels dirty I say.

Each hand drawn illustration is a portrait of a living breathing motorcycle. It could be a priceless award winning example of motorcycle innovation and history or an everyday pride and joy. They all have a story to tell. It takes many weeks of careful study of angle, colour, light and atmosphere to bring the soul of the machine back to life.

Take a look at my website, every few weeks there will  be a new illustration added. High quality Giclee prints of varying sizes are available from my website.

Please enjoy,
Gaston Vanzet

Motorcycle (Illustration)






  1. My Dad was a biker and I can remember him having a red Ariel Square Four just like the one in the pic. He also had an Indian at some stage. I know he bought an old one and did it up to fund our journey to Australia. He used to race little 500cc cars as well and they were mostly powered by Norton or BSA

  2. really lovely to see these old machines in their pristine glory once again.

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