Gloria Jean Jelladian

Gloria Jean Jelladian

About The Artist:
Gloria Jean Jelladian’s creative work combines her love of automobiles, photography, and digital graphic design. Her unique designs include Classic Cars, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Mini-Cars, and other timeless classics.

Gloria’s fine art is created first by photographing the cars and then enhancing them with computer software. Giclee and high quality reproduction prints of her distinctive images are available for purchase.

“My love of cars started as a child. My uncles were car mechanics and they also restored old cars. And as young children, after Sunday lunch at Grandma’s ranch, we cousins were told, “You kids go out and play.” So while dashing out of the back door, we grabbed the keys to our favorite classic cars… usually the 1902 Nash and the 1929 Ford Model A, and we raced around the back 20 acres.”

Studying art and photography in college and in private classes, Photo Art is Gloria’s favorite way to express her creativity. She refined her flair for color while studying fine art with Carmel-by-the-Sea artist John Cunningham of the Carmel Art Institute. “I had to mix 500 colors out of red, yellow, and blue before John would allow me to paint a landscape or a still life painting.” And many years of sculpting Angels out of manzanita wood helped train her eye in design and in organic flowing movement. Working as a TV make-up artist sharpened her eye for beauty and balance.

“I am also available for commissioned work. I will photograph you and/or your car and make it look like a painting.” Please get in touch for information and pricing.

Thank you.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Muscle Car, Photography

Website: (Site down since 6/14/2020)

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  1. This is a highly skilled process and the results are truly spectacular. Congratulations.

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