January 2013 Newsletter from Jack Pumphrey

1954 Buick Special

We have come up with new graphics for our gallery identification.

We now have over 32 galleries showing everything from car art to waterfront and Scenic photography. Multi- imaged posters for your garage and patriotic “Made in America Art”; Look for the poster in the “poster” gallery.

If you can’t find our Packard car art, look for the “Other American Cars” folder. As soon as we have more Packard art images, we’ll make a separate Packard Gallery

Once you click on the Gallery that interests you, go right to the specific image, click on it and you’ll find several ways to purchase a print of our art. Stretched canvas prints on linen, automotive art prints are very popular, too. We just delivered a Duesenberg printed on metal to a collector in Florida.

P.S., I’ve recovered enough that I’m drawing and Painting again. Thank you to those customers who had to put up with some delays in the last 90 days, or so……Jack

Jack Pumphrey

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