Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor

About The Artist:
Custom Painting Studio features eye-catching paintings by Jeff Taylor. His crisp and clear paintings will draw you in and leave you amazed at their incredible detail. Jeff’s paintings look so real that people say they are “better then a photograph!”

I am really drawn to the design of cars from the 20’s to the early 70’s, with their clean lines and unique styling cues. I enjoy creating art that is focused on some of the neat design elements possessed by these classic cars. For me they are an exercise in trying to capture light and reflections and to create a painting where the subject appears to be 3-D and float on the canvas.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Lowrider, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Muscle Car, Photography, Sculpture

Website: (The domain not used by Jeff anymore. 10/28/2022)

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