Jonathan Reed

Jonathan Reed

Jonathan Reed

About The Artist:
Hello fellow car enthusiasts,

I fell in love with automobile illustration when I did a painting of my uncle’s 1964 Ford Falcon. Not my best work, but he loved it! That experience opened up a new path for me.

After a 25 year career in the sign trade as an expert sign painter/truck letterer, I decided to close my shop doors and focus on my other craving…illustration, especially automobiles, for reasons I’m sure you all understand.

I am a graduate of the Butera School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts where I majored in commercial art and illustration. As important as photography is, I believe illustration is every bit as important and should not be lost in the digital, technological future. I also believe that nothing compares to good old fashioned craftsmanship. There is nothing more beautiful than the imperfection of a well executed illustration.

Keep up the great work, everyone!

Classic Car, Muscle Car, Illustration, Portrait

Website: (Site down since 5/24/2020)

Jonathan Reed Artwork 1

Jonathan Reed Artwork 2

Jonathan Reed Artwork 3

Jonathan Reed Artwork 4

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