Jordi Altés

Jordi Altés

About The Artist:
( León-1966/Spain)
Architect ( 1997-Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona)
Master in transportation design (2000- Elisava School of Design -Pompeu Fabra University)

I live in Barcelona, and I work independently as an architect and graphic designer.

I have always been passionate about cars and about any artifact which provokes high speed sensations.

My strong interest in mechanics, and some years preparing and customizing 4×4 vehicles, give me the ability to identify and highlight every mechanical detail that differentiates each model.

I make drawings and illustrations on paper by hand using a ballpoint pen, and I color them with markers, and set them up in final in my computer. I combine architectural design with technical drawing, comic and sketch.

Most illustrations in my portfolio are cars and vehicles with wheels, but I also enjoy drawing other land, sea and air vehicles such as helicopters, power boats, trains, tugs, etc.

I enjoy making custom-made illustrations, with a funny and ironic touch, so that whoever receives one as a gift will feel that was made just for him/her.

Classic Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Muscle Car, Cartoon, Photography, T-Shirt Design

Website: (Website down since 7/8/19)

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  1. I like it very much!!!

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