Josh Kelly

Josh Kelly

About The Artist:
“I started doodling cars from a young age, which didn’t really look like particular vehicles. When I was 10 years old I bought my first “How to Draw Cars” book, and went from there. I studied Graphics and Art at high school, but unfortunately my art teacher told me that “I had no talent and no future in art”. She didn’t like cars but luckily my graphics teacher did and supported me with my artworks.

In 2009, I established Mini Mad Designs, after lots of my friends wanted artworks done by me and I could see that I could make a lot of money out of it.

I am in contact with well known NZ artist, David Irving. He has mentored me since first seeing my works, and is always keen to give me tips on how to improve.

Working in coloured pencil can have its limitations when you’re trying to match custom paint colours, and I often take a photo of the vehicle to my local art supply store to get a suitable match. One thing I have been told by my clients is how I can match the colour of the vehicle so well. Amazing considering I have a colour deficiency, having trouble distinguishing greens and browns, and blues and purples!

My artworks sell for $65NZD, and this is for a one-off original rendering. My artwork ranges from completed vehicles, to concepts of future project cars for clients, Koolart style, even planes, trains and bikes. Also, I have just started experimenting with drawing rusted out cars in paddocks.”

Josh Kelly
Mini Mad Designs

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Motorsport, Muscle Car, Cartoon, Concept Design, Portrait

Website:  (Site down since 12/15/2019)

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  1. Would you be interested in doing a small ( 11×14 ) picture of my MINI

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