Keith Harding

Keith Harding

About The Artist:
Born and bread in New Zealand down under I did my time as automotive spray painter. I did that for 10 years and gave it up for health reasons.

At college I was the kid in the back of maths class drawing cars in the back of my maths book hehe. I have always had a passion for Hot rods, cars, trucks and bikes. So a man and his car, you gotta love that combo deal!

I do custom automotive illustrations. A great way to capture that special kinda love between a man and his wheels. I take commissions to draw you and your wheels. I also do posters, Logos, T- shirt design and even design tattoos!!

I have big influences in my art career, the likes of Ed Roth : ), Thom Taylor, Steve Stanford hey the list goes on All American car artists and I love America. I’m sure I grew up in the wrong part of the world. Just cool car culture etc. I think I would do well over there.


Hot Rod/Custom Car, Lowrider, Muscle Car, Cartoon, T-Shirt Design

Website: (Website down 07/12/2016)

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