Kevin Ebersole

Kevin Ebersole

Kevin Ebersole

About The Artist:
I have been drawing as long as I can remember, and my favorite subject has always been cars. I spent more time doodling in class than learning the quadratic equation (which may be the reason I am a drafter today and not an Engineer!) I grew up in a in a car-loving family of die-hard Mopar lovers, yet somehow I was the “rebel” that enjoyed a good Chevy and Ford from time to time. I tend to focus more on old Detroit iron, mostly because that is what I grew up around. For me, the fun in drawing lies in finding that middle ground between giving the cars a bit of attitude while keeping the overall proportions semi-accurate. I like to work on pen and ink, markers, pastels, colored pencils, paints, and airbrush.

Classic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Muscle Car, Cartoon

Website: (Site down since 5/24/2020)

Kevin Ebersole Artwork 1

Kevin Ebersole Artwork 2

Kevin Ebersole Artwork 3

Kevin Ebersole Artwork 4

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