Libor Machálek

Libor Machálek

Libor Machálek

About The Artist:
My name is Libor and I was born in 1972 in the Czech Republic where I live and create. I am a self-taught person and I have invented my own style of drawing and painting. I have presented my art in several exhibitions which have mostly had positive feedback. I have tried various styles of painting and I chose mainly oil and acrylic paints. You can find sceneries, railways and car racing themes in my paintings.

I used to draw cars when I was a child, inspired by some automotive competitions which were held in my country. The times of “front trunk door” cars when the air was filled with gas additive ricin are forever gone as well as my first drawings of that time. Yet I don’t want those first pieces of my art to be completely forgotten, so I decided to get back to this theme in my paintings in a “more adult form” and using other painting styles.

If you are interested in my art please visit my website or you can contact me on Facebook. Any custom orders are more than welcome.

Motorsport, Muscle Car, Photography



Libor Machálek Artwork 1

Libor Machálek Artwork 2

Libor Machálek Artwork 3

Libor Machálek Artwork 4

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