Marco van der Heijden

Marco van der Heijden

About The Artist:
“TAKE IT APART, MAKE IT ART” is what CAR2ART.COM is all about. Parts, especially from cars, otherwise discarded get a second chance, a new life. What happens is a transformation in function. Not just a part becoming one with other parts hidden under the hood, no, now it is only the part itself. The part becomes a sculpture. Art, as it were. That is CAR2ART.COM

Marco van der Heijden, born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands. Never went to any art school nor has a degree in industrial design, but he has artistic genes and a passion for technology and cars.

After finishing some car projects, the garage was left empty with only a few parts laying around. In search of a new challenge in which creativity plays a important role, the left over parts proved to be a source of inspiration. For Marco this is the perfect combination of cars, technology and art. He is bursting with new ideas every day, all waiting to become real.

Classic Car, Sculpture


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