Marijan Pecar

Marijan Pecar

About The Artist:
My name is Marijan Pecar and I was born in 1971 in Slovenia. Now I live and work as a freelancer in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, beauty of Europe.

Since my childhood I love to draw. During my high school I discovered passion for cars and motorcycles, because my interest was technical devices and mechanic. That is why I finished high school for mechanical constructions.

I worked as a constructor for three years, than my passion for design and drawing was too strong and had to go study on Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana; Department for Industrial Design where I managed to degree in 1999. I am also the winner of Student Price for Best Design for electrical tools in 1996.

Now I am an industrial designer, but as a freelancer I mostly do illustrations and graphic design. Love the concept art too. Specially developing concept machines and characters, also environments. Hope someday I will try my skills in entertainment industry. Till now I also managed to create characters for two animated movies.

During my study on Academy I started to paint automotive art. That time the first automotive painting was creating. It was Michael Schumacher and his Benetton Ford. Till today I had several exhibitions across Slovenia, but I hope, someday, I will show my work in abroad, too. It is hard to persuade Slovenian audience that the car or motorcycle can be an object of art, painted on canvas. But, I try, year by year, from one exhibition to another. Here in my country, the car or motorcycle is just an object to drive (ride) or to pose, and nothing more. On my opinion, these beautiful mechanical structures deserve to be treatment like pure art. So, automotive art, at this moment, is not what I do for living. If I may say, it’s a real hobby and pure pleasure with endless source of motives and ideas.

My paintings are made in many different techniques. Love to paint in oil, but also in water colours and pastels, even markers. Most of the paintings I do for my private collection and exhibitions, but, of course, many of them were made by order from private car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

If you have any questions, please, do visit my web page and do contact me. Thank you very much, and save drive, or ride. I am a motorcyclist too, so, bikers, welcome!

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Muscle Car, Cartoon, Illustration, Portrait


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