Matt Bernal

Matt Bernal

About The Artist:
Matt Bernal was raised in the southern California, Huntington Beach to be exact, where the so cal car culture lifestyle was inescapable . Becoming serious about the industry in high school where he won the STAR award for automotive technology, Matt began working for Wings West in Newport Beach, CA. It was at Wings West where he discovered this lifestyle can be a career and not just a hobby. Inspired by a visit with Chip Foose Matt began attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Art Center taught him that his talents were not silly time wasters but serious talents that few have. Inspired and driven by entrepenuers , fabricators and designers like Thom Taylor, Steve Stanford, Jesse James and Chip Foose , Matt began freelancing as an automotive designer for the aftermarket industry. Matt was picked up by Saleen Performance in 2003. For the 5 years at Saleen, Matt supervised the production of the S281 Ford Mustangs , Focus , 331 F-150 and managed production and quality control of the limited addition Parnelli Jones Mustang.

Inspired to hone his fabrication skills Matt left Saleen for Gaffoglio Family Metal Crafters. That name may not mean much too many, but, enthusiasts would know that Metal Crafters have been building concept cars for major auto manufactures for close to 25 years. While at Metal Crafters Matt had a hand in the builds of concept cars for Nissan, Dodge , Jeep and the Concept Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

After spending some time in custom shops like Shoreline Motoring and Chicane Sport Tuning Matt was asked to participate with a team of outstanding fabricators to build the very first pre-production Fisker Karma and Karma S. While at Fisker Matt had a chance to rub shoulders with cream of the crop European designers like Henrick Fisker.

Most recently Matt completed a build for Suzuki of the DELTA TUNE Suzuki Kizashi , voted one of the top 10 cars of SEMA 2009 by

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Lowrider, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Muscle Car (Concept Design, Illustration, T-Shirt Design)


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