Metal Art Prints

Metal Art Prints

Metal Art Prints

Artists who offer prints of their original artwork, metal prints could provide a new product channel.

For some, the most important thing next to their artwork is of course increasing sales. In this day and age there are more options available for artists to offer artwork to customers, some of which that can certainly benefit the art as well. One of those options is “metal art prints”.

Some believe that the only way to get their art printed and printed right is going traditional ways about it–on canvas, on paper, etc. However, with this new method of printing artwork on aluminum sheets, which is also eco-friendly, pictures will be heavily protected from tearing or folds, a benefit for both artist and work.

Gloria Jelladian, an artist of very many trades, went the metal print route and was highly satisfied that “the metal prints make the art pop”. While metal prints can be ordered online at many sites, Jelladian found a person to print hers locally. While at the Pebble Beach Concours she met Roger Laudy. Laudy develops the metal printing, and Jelladian praises him as being very knowledgeable and “a real perfectionist”. Printing art on the metal gives it a sharp or even glossy look to it, but as Jelladian says, “it depends on the piece of art, and the look the artist wants”.

We found this video on YouTube from a business promoting their aluminum prints. (Note: Our intent in showing this video is to give an example of metal prints, not to endorse a particular company.)

The process takes a few days because of the dyes used, but it’s a good investment for the artist who wants their art to really stand out, or the artist who’d like their art to be protected from wear.

Metal prints are range in size and price: on one site, they ranged from $11 for a small print to nearly $900 for a very large print.

For more information on metal art prints try a search on Google. For more information on Gloria Jelladian visit her profile page.

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