Michele Leonello

Michele Leonello

About The Artist:
These striking artworks have been produced by artist and designer Michele Leonello.

Based in Milan, the 30 years old car designer works for the Center Stile Alfa Romeo in Arese, where his flare helps shape modern Alfa’s, such as the 8C, MiTo and the new Giulietta.

He also works as a consultant for Zagato, but his biggest passion is for art.

From childhood through to art school Michele has always combined his love for cars by utilising various techniques to pain them. However he has recently embarked on a new artistic direction by constructing his digital artworks with the use of a tablet and software.

His paintings have been called the “Pollock cars”, due to the use of color spray stains on the canvas. This technique is called Digital Dripping, which reiterates the theory and method (Dripping) used in the 1940s by the abstract expressionist, Jackson Pollock.

Luckily for us Michele applies his Digital Dripping techniques to the cars and drivers of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Legends like Jo Siffert, Pedro Rodriguez, Jim Clark, Nanni Galli, and Ayrton Senna are featured in his work.

In Micheles own words ” My paintings are the ultimate in simplicity to express value, beauty, charm and the technical character of the car, stopping an instant of life in the wake of many colors.”

Classic Car, Motorsport, Illustration



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