Mike Zeller

Mike Zeller

About The Artist:
Ever since I can remember, I’ve had this love affair with cars and airplanes. Growing up, my dad took me to midget races and flying in little puddle jumpers.  He also did bookwork for a body shop where I’d go with him, see cool cars, watch panel beaters work their magic and get high on paint fumes. That body shop was where I had my first encounters with a ’54 Corvette and a Healey 100-4.  To this day, they are two of my favorite cars.

I also loved to draw. So I was always doodling hot rods and custom cars. When Mid Ohio race track opened in the late ‘60s my passion turned to CanAm sports car racing and photography.  In the mid ‘70s I had the great fortune to work with the Penske Racing Team in Indy Car racing with CAM2 Motor Oil. I was at Talledega when Mark Donohue broke the World Closed Course Speed Record in a  CAM2 Porsche 917-30.  Since then I’ve hit many vintage races at Road Atlanta and Goodwood in the UK. Today I am cranking out watercolor illustrations of some of my favorite vintage racing cars. I also love to find and photograph old abandoned cars from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Classic Car, Motorsport, Illustration, Photography




  1. Terific! I like the combination of the accurate drawing with the warmth of the watercolours. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Great stuff. The sketchy but accurate line drawing with the watercolours look fabulous. ie the completely rendered body of the Ferrari F2 then fading out to just the incomplete line drawing of the wheels. Excellent!

  3. Nice work Mike, particularly like the Ferrari.

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