Mike Zeller

Mike Zeller

Mike Zeller

About The Artist:
Mike Zeller is a retired advertising/marketing executive who was a fine arts major in college. He’s always had a love affair with motorsports, vintage race cars and motorcycles. Since retirement, Mike got serious about devoting his art skills to do commission work for individual customers and poster art for classic car events. He loves the styling of older machines with interesting engines, louvers, leather straps and wire wheels. The majority of his illustrations are rendered in watercolor but he also does work in acrylics. Mike’s website features original art and prints for sale. And he will gladly entertain quoting original commission work.

Classic Car, Motorsport, Illustration, Photography



Mike Zeller - Bentley

Mike Zeller - 1928 Indian Motorcycle

Mike Zeller - Euro Art Poster

Mike Zeller - Moss


  1. Terific! I like the combination of the accurate drawing with the warmth of the watercolours. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Great stuff. The sketchy but accurate line drawing with the watercolours look fabulous. ie the completely rendered body of the Ferrari F2 then fading out to just the incomplete line drawing of the wheels. Excellent!

  3. Nice work Mike, particularly like the Ferrari.

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