Nicky Chiarello

Nicky Chiarello

Nicky Chiarello

About The Artist:
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my technique is hyperrealism and colored pencil work. I studied drawing and painting in the studio of Marta Santelli, from an early age. In addition, over time I also continued to improve in graphic design and advertising.

In 1976 I was selected to take over as official daftsman at the College of Heraldry of Argentina. Working with the Dean of Arms of Zarazaga, Dr. Jorge Berenguer, I was responsible for the design of a large amount of shields to the public and private departments, municipalities in different provinces, emblems, and one that really stands out was for the National Institute conducted Sanmartiniano and coats of arms.

Since 1981, with my portraits and animals, I was active programs ALAP (Latin American Association of Artists). In 1986, a finalist in the “Never Again” in the Pacific gallery. Navy League was invited by Argentina to present their work at the Hermitage Hotel in Mar del Plata, along with a road show for several provinces.

Since 1995, cars became the main reason for my work as part of events related to the subject and knowing motorsport personalities such as Oscar Gálvez, Froilan Gonzalez and many others.

My works are in the Automobile Museum of the City of Buenos Aires and in the hands of car collectors and galleries from Argentina, Italy, Spain, Germany, Africa and Brazil.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Motorsport, Muscle Car, Illustration, Portrait

Website: (Site down since 5/24/2020)

Nicky Chiarello Artwork 1

Nicky Chiarello Artwork 2

Nicky Chiarello Artwork 3

Nicky Chiarello Artwork 4


  1. Felicitacione NIcky,tus trabajos son extraordinarios,mas que merecida esta inclusion,un abrazo

  2. Parabèns , Nicky
    è un onore conoscere un’Artista della tua levatura !!!
    auguri carissimi per il tuo splendido futuro !!
    Reana Maggio

  3. ..ciao Nicky ..complimenti per le tue opere..un abbraccio..

  4. Hola Nicky, felicitaciones por tus trabajos, realmente son espectaculares!!!

  5. Here is an artist, fully tuned in, to the art of the car. The work is just wonderful.

  6. Espectacular tu trabajo!!!! Felicitaciones

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