Patrick Dougherty

Patrick Dougherty

Patrick Dougherty

About The Artist:
I have always liked drawing since I was a kid. I worked for an architect for a short time then switched gears to automotive. I did formal education in automotive technology. Fairbanks Racing Automatics was my first automotive job,building racing automatics dyno testing and modifying them. I have maintained ASE master technician certification for over 25 years and L1 ASE advanced engine performance certification since its inception.

The other side of my education in automobile history and the car culture has been an on going passion since high school. Reading anything and everything about cars domestic European, South American, Russian, Asian, Australian, you name it, watching all the car movies I could find. Hot Rod Magazine, Street Rodder, Custom Car Magazines, Car Craft and Cartoons were my other courses of study.

Building model cars hot rods, classics, customs and the far out customs of Ed Roth were some of my favorite things to do growing up and then onto many real cars. I have been inspired in the far out and wild side of automotive art by the Godfather of the style Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. My caricature art mixes the feel of the Roth Rat Fink art style with the technical detail accuracy of a technical illustration. Choosing to exaggerate various components to different degrees brings the attitude of the car to life. By using the accurate engine and suspension components and jointly glorifying their aesthetics along with the correct body configuration I consider it as a natural kind of automotive art moral responsibility.

We as car people love the beauty of the car body styles and designs that we are drawn to. But the beauty of the engine and the mechanical underpinnings that make each car its complete entity are also appreciated for their beauty by a large percentage of the automotive enthusiast community. Bringing that to the forefront of my caricatures is my art mission. I will draw cars in various styles based on my clients wishes from mild to wild. Portrait style graphite shaded is very popular with my street rod clients Different levels of exaggeration and style of caricatures are also requested by my clients. I enjoy bringing someones vision of their car to life.

Classic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Lowrider, Muscle Car, Cartoon, Illustration, Portrait, T-Shirt Design


Patrick Dougherty Artwork 1

Patrick Dougherty Artwork 2

Patrick Dougherty Artwork 3

Patrick Dougherty Artwork 4

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  1. nice illustrations

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