Claudia Rizzoli Interview

Pencils, Pastels and Vintage Sports Cars – Claudia Rizzoli

Claudia Rizzoli Interview

Claudia Rizzoli is a self-taught artist in Argentina who draws and paints older models and classics. We contacted her to find out more about her work and what she has been up to lately.

AA: What is your preferred medium and why?
CA: My preferred medium are pencils and pastels. I feel its like the prolongation of my hand and my thinking, I can do everything with a pencil. I like the oil painting too, but it needs to much time for see the final result.

Claudia drawing tools

AA: We see on your website that do a lot of vintage sports cars. Where do you get your inspirations?
CA: Yes, I love the vintage sports cars!! They have a lot of details that the modern cars have not, and I see a special romantic air in their lines. They are fantastic!!!

Claudia easel work

AA: On your Facebook page there are pictures and video of you at car shows. How important have the shows been in selling prints and commission work?
CA: Those events and the Facebook page are very important to be known. At car shows I sell my works, cars and portraits, but commissions mostly.

Claudia at show

AA: What is your studio like?
CA: I work at home!! We are building a house with an “atelier” because I need my place to dream with the art. It’s very important to an artist to have yourself a place.

Claudia at table

AA: What are you working on at the moment?
CA: I have finished an old Whippet Overland for to be exposed, but I have found a beautiful Allard to make a new work and I´m doing it!

Claudia work in progress

AA: Where do you see yourself in five years?
CA: It is a beautiful question!!! I really don´t know, but I dream with trips by Europe and EU to sell my Works.

Claudia with framed work

We would like the thank Claudia for taking the time to share with us a little about her and her artwork. See more of her artwork at and

UPDATE: After the interview, Claudia won first place with the Whippet at a expo in Buenos Aires. Congratulations Claudia!

Whippet First Place

Claudia Awarded First Place

Art Station Project Brochure

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