Phil Lightman

Phil Lightman

Phil Lightman

About The Artist:
I am an established motoring artist based in Kent, England. I specialise in portraits of classic cars, with an emphasis on accuracy and detail.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. My upbringing at a busy petrol station en route to Dover docks ‘fuelled’ my interest in cars, buses and lorries, which became frequent subjects for my early art.

My latter-day ventures into motoring art started with drawings and paintings of cars and buses I did as gifts for friends. It was these that made me realise that it is portraying vehicles that I most enjoy.

I have therefore chosen to concentrate on portraying cars, especially those from the same era that originally inspired my early artistic efforts. I have a particular fondness for the curves and chrome of the sports and classic cars of the 50s through to the 70s.

My current work generally originates from conversations with car owners at the many events I attend in Kent and the South-East.

I have a number of repeat clients, and a waiting list for new works. My output is limited by the amount of time I have available, which means my art remains fairly exclusive.

All images are hand drawn and painted using gouache on hot-pressed paper. I also use various other media to achieve the detailed effects I want.

I value the opportunity that my motoring art offers for active involvement in the increasingly popular classic car movement.

I have been accepted as a full member of The Guild of Motoring Artists in 2015, and I am very pleased to now be featured on

Classic Car, Illustration, Portrait



Phil Lightman Artwork 1

Phil Lightman Artwork 2

Phil Lightman Artwork 3

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