Piriya Chitpranee

Piriya Chitpranee

Piriya Chitpranee

About The Artist:
I have been interested in drawing, painting and designing since I was young, thanks to my father. As long as I could remember I saw him renovating old cars. One of them was a 1972 Volkswagen, which is still in use. He also often showed me some sketches of car models, it unquestionably inspired me and encouraged me to be a motorcycle designer since then.

Nowadays, as a motorcycle designer at a famous company, I am very happy and enjoy designing products. However, I would like to develop and make my styles to be unique. From Photoshop-design, I got back to the hand-sketch with Copic color, the result was satisfied even some points that could not be created as I had imagined. Then I changed to water and ink color, the outcome was quite impressive for me. The next step would be finding better techniques to improve my works and making new drawings to present further.

Motorcycle, Motorsport, Portrait


https://www.facebook.com/PARI.AutomotiveArt (Site down since 5/24/2020)

Piriya Chitpranee Artwork 1

Piriya Chitpranee Artwork 2

Piriya Chitpranee Artwork 3

Piriya Chitpranee Artwork 4

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