Richard Lorne Kelly

Richard Lorne Kelly

Richard Lorne Kelly

About The Artist:
My whole life I’ve had an interest in old cars. Their history, their engineering detail and most importantly to me, their appearance. When I was growing up in the fifties, my brother Jim, who is ten years my senior, taught me to recognize the year, make, and model of just about every car that cruised by in sleepy old Kelowna, BC, Canada. In fact, he made quite a bit of spare change betting friends his five-year-old brother could name nine out of the next ten cars to go by. Sadly, I was too young to know I should ask for “my cut” of the winnings.

The cars of the thirties, forties and fifties remain my major area of automotive interest. For years I’ve gone to car shows and museums all over the world. I’ve combined my background in graphic arts with my photos to create something in between a photograph and a painting.

On my website is some of my work, all of which is for sale. Check back often as I’m always adding new images. In addition I would be pleased to create a digital painting of your nice old car or bike. Contact me for more information.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Photography

Website: (Website had been retired – 01/31/2022)

Richard Lorne Kelly Artwork 1

Richard Lorne Kelly Artwork 2

Richard Lorne Kelly Artwork 3

Richard Lorne Kelly Artwork 4

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  1. I really like what you’ve done with that old Chrysler. Showing the headlights like that without overdoing it is a terrific touch. Great job………………..Jack P

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