Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson

About The Artist:
I grew up in North Long Beach CA among all those early hot rods and customs that made their way into the little mags of the early to late 50’s. Larry Watson’s first paint shop was 3 blocks away, and I could pedal my way to the shops of Cerny, Barris, Gaylord, Chrisman Bros., and the House of Chrome and the original National Speed Center on any given Saturday. I still have pictures from that era including the negatives. I could say car at 2, name all the makes at 3, all the models and engine sizes at 4, and discovered modified cars at 5. My first car show was the 3rd annual Motorama at the Pan Pacific Auditorium in L.A. in November 1951. I have shown customs for many years and was the national van champion on the ISCA show circuit two years running. The header pic on my website is our former 1956 Chevy hardtop built by Rod Powell.

I do not do computer assisted art. All my art is freehand, deep black ink on bond paper, and I produce prints on heavy acid-free white framing stock. I leave colorized art to other artists to do. Mine is simple print art, with nothing over $5. My goal is to get enough traffic to justify a $3 charge per print eventually. I am 65 years of age, a business school grad of Cal-State University Chico CA, and retired from MGM Resorts, Entertainment division. My wife and I live in Henderson NV.

Hot Rod/Custom Car, Lowrider, Motorsport, Muscle Car, Concept Design




  1. The web site is great!

    Keep up the good work!!

    Jack & Carol Kiland

  2. Congratulations! What a nice write up for a very talented artist. We are so happy – and impressed – to see some of your work!.

  3. Excellent works Rick! Nice to see you again. Come back soon.
    Ray & Sherry

  4. I have now dropped my print price to as low as $1.00 each for 11″x17″ prints on 80-lb art stock. I charge only $45 for doing art commissions. My sites get 400,000 hits per month, including my racing site at http://www.dragracingartprints.com

  5. Mr. Wilson I am hoping you can help me out, I have a drag racing picture drawn by a couple of old friends, I’m not sure why but it is fading out. I need someone to look at it and tell if anything can be done to restore it. I live in Mesquite, NV. and would really appreciate it if you could look at it and tell me what to do to restore it. Thank you for any help you can offer, Larry

  6. Email me and attach a picture of the art. rickwilson@rickwilsoncustomcarart.com

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