Rupali Prakash

Rupali Prakash

Rupali Prakash

About The Artist:
I’m a self taught Automotive Illustrator. I’ve spent most of my childhood seeing old, rusted parts of Classic Cars magically transform into timeless four wheeled storytellers, in our garage.

Growing up with these cars, driving them on road trips across the country and travelling with them for events around the globe, has made me realize that I want to show the world that Classic Automobiles are not just flamboyant modes of transportation. They are history on wheels and have the ability to transport us back in time. They must be preserved and protected, as they are one of the few links left, to an era that should never be forgotten.

My art is a medium through which I share my passion for these magnificent creations. I draw digitally and do commissioned illustrations for Classic Car Shows, owners, enthusiasts and anyone who shares a love for these automobiles.

I also have a brand called Classic Chase where I custom make Classic Automotive Merchandise with my prints.

Art to me is a form of storytelling that helps me share my perspective of what I truly love.

Classic Car, Motorcycle, Illustration


Rupali Prakash Artwork 1

Rupali Prakash Artwork 2

Rupali Prakash Artwork 3

Rupali Prakash Artwork 4


  1. So impressive !! 🙂

  2. Amazing ! great to see the passion turning into professional work of the first kind!

    Best wishes for many more creative illustrations.

  3. I absolutely love your illustrations! When I was in StMoritz many years ago I started a
    collection of old poster prints of vintage races that took place on the ice and Bernini Pass that connects Switzerland to Italy. These that you have done remind me of the posters that I no longer have, everyone wanted one so …

    Your prints, however, are authentic and exquisite.

  4. Gina, thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad to hear that you like my work.

  5. Thank you so much Shefali and Tushar Tamhane for all your support!

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