Steve Hatt

Steve Hatt

Steve Hatt

About The Artist:
I have been airbrushing since the ’80s, my work has covered most avenues from technical illustration, posters, portraits, logo design etc.

My background is in drawing and illustration since leaving school, I have been involved mainly in product design as a CAD draughtsman with various engineering companies over the years. Covering industries such as furniture, agriculture, film and SFX, architecture. More recently I designed the world’s fastest lawnmower!

My passion is and always has been cars, with a definite affinity to custom and rods. If it’s different then it interests me! I own an American vehicle and am an active member of several local clubs. I also attend every round of the BTCC where possible, my cartoon artwork can be seen in the paddock, even on support vehicles!

We do offer a personal customized service to all our customers. My goal is to make the customer feel part of the process. Whilst I produce a range of products that is generalized it is my passion to carry out individual art that is personal to its owner. You will always be able to talk to the artist and be involved. Commissions undertaken, any size. I can come and photograph the subject as part of the package depending on location.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Lowrider, Motorsport, Muscle Car, Cartoon, Portrait, T-Shirt Design

Website: (Site down since 12/16/2020)

Steve Hatt Artwork 1

Steve Hatt Artwork 2

Steve Hatt Artwork 3

Steve Hatt Artwork 4

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  1. Really great artwork.

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