Stolen Painting…

Stolen Painting…

Stolen Painting...

I’m trying to find a piece of my art that was stolen a while back. The Painting is a 4′ X 4′ oil on canvas of A.J. Foyt’s four time winning car in Victory Circle at Indianapolis with a lone little boy standing by looking at the car after all the hoopla from victory circle has finished.

The car is covered with confetti, etc. from the post race celebration. This is a very emotional piece of art and the best painting, both creative and executed of the oil medium I have ever done.

I did the painting in 1977-8-9 at my own leisure and have had it on display in a lot of places. I once had it on loan/display to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum and A.J.’s Father was once seen standing alone looking at the painting with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Carl Haas and many others had offered a lot of money for the painting, but I didn’t want to sell it as, the little boy in the painting was my son and I planned and did give it to him for his 25th Birthday.

The painting was stolen from a moving company that was relocating my son and his family about 18 months ago…he has spent a lot of money and time trying to get it back, but to no avail. I thought I’d contact others to ask if anyone has tried to sell the piece… It’s hard to imagine whether the thief would be a connoissuer of the arts or if he/she have any idea of the history of auto racing or if they took it home and nailed it on their garage wall.

If you know anything please contact me.

Thank you,
Ron Burton

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  1. Dear Ron,

    All I can say is that I have “shared” your photo and that perhaps it will be returned to you. As an artist, I know how much one invests in such work and to have it stolen -particularly when it is so personal – is quite horrendous.

    Sincere best wishes,

    Anne D’Alton.

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