Sven Deinum

Sven Deinum

Sven Deinum

About The Artist:
I am Sven Deinum, I was born in 1996 and I live in the Netherlands. I have a huge passion for cars and drawing. Since I was a little kid, about 3 years old, I was obsessed with cars. I knew every brand and model and I knew exactly what cars my family drove.

I’ve always been a very creative kid and I still am very creative. I love to create something with my hands. When I was a kid I was drawing a lot of stuff but I started drawing serious around 2008. My drawings looked awful back then but thanks to a lot of kind people on the internet and a lot of practicing my drawings improved a lot. It was a few years later that I discovered my talent for drawing. I’ve googled a lot for drawing techniques and what materials were best. I also asked a lot of artists on several sites for tips and tricks and they all gave me great and very useful tips. I’ve tried a lot of different techniques and formed my own technique after a while. I never had any drawing lessons and I’ve learned everything all by myself.

I’ve learnt a lot in the past few years and my drawings improved a lot but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I think it very important that you are hard for yourself. No drawing is perfect and there will always be room for improvement. I will keep drawing and hope my drawings will keep improving.

So this is who I am in a short story, I hope you enjoy my work.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Motorsport, Illustration, Portrait

Website: (Site down since 9/15/2020)

Sven Deinum 1

Sven Deinum 2

Sven Deinum 3

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