Terry Smith

Terry Smith

About The Artist:
Born and raised in Detroit, I have been a part of the Commercial Art Scene since 1953. Back then it was Automotive Illustration with art board, Winsor Newton Designers’ Gouache watercolors, paint brushes and airbrushes instead of Photography and now, the Computer.

In 1987 I started using the Macintosh when Desktop Publishing was in it’s infancy. Being the reluctant old geezer, I said “No way this is gonna take over good old on-the-board illustration.” I’ve put away the paint brushes and now do click and drag and Gaussian blurs to create my illustrations.

I thought it would be fitting now to share my work digitally, since I am now creating it, well, digitally. After 57 years of observing, sketching, drawing and painting the old-fashioned way, I figured it was time to share my latest offering in the digital art arena.

Classic Car, Exotic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport, Muscle Car, Illustration




  1. Hi Terry
    you know to handle the digital tools! I like specially the 917 with the coloured reflections on the ground. But now – thats curious, I have done the inverse way that you did. I started with Mac and photoshop and ended up with old fashioned on board painting in acryl, oil and watercolour. Why? Because for me, there is something going to disappear in digital illustrations – I call it the “artistic emotion”. The technical aspect superimposes the artists feelings.
    To compare it with music: digital is techno, paintbrush means soul.
    Today I use the Mac just for the sketching and to prepare the compositions for the paintings.
    Kind regards, Victor

  2. Hi Terry

    thank you for the replay. You’ re absolutly right, my cars wouldn’ t work for commercial use. My reason for painting is the actual and historical hill climb racing scene we have in europe, with it’s tracks in wonderful landscapes. I envy you for have grown up in the city of automobiles, but I love our mountains as i love cars too.
    For sure you gave me some good advice: to have a closer look to the colours, shapes and reflections of the cars. Your work is brillant.
    Kind regards and Happy New Year, Victor

  3. A very special technique. I envie you. All the best for 2013. Giovanni

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