Tom VanNortwick

Tom VanNortwick

Tom Vannortwick

About The Artist:
Most of my paintings are of automotive subjects. My major influence of course is Dad but I also like Edward Hopper, Kent Bash, Tom Fritz, Keith Weezner, Nicola Wood, Arlan Olsen, Larry Johnson, Ken Eberts, Pat Anderson, Steve Stanford , Darrell Mayabb, Kenny Youngblood, Robert Williams and many others. My favorite pinstripers are Jim Norris and Dave Bell. Jim Norris is a very close friend.

I have work in the collections of John Haven, Billy Gibbons, The Chicago Bears, French Grimes, Jay Abbott, Gene Winfield, Rick Miller (S.C.O.T.S.) and others.

All of my paintings are oil-on-canvas.

Hot Rod/Custom Car


Tom VanNortwick Artwork 1

Tom VanNortwick Artwork 2

Tom VanNortwick Artwork 3

Tom VanNortwick Artwork 4

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  1. Really outstanding illustrations. Love the way you use color. Most enjoyable viewing in a long time.

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