Updated Forum!!!

We recently updated our forum to the latest version of the phpBB bulletin board software. This upgrade took a while to install and involved converting the forum database and working with a new template to fit our site.

The biggest change you’ll notice as a forum user is that now you can easily add images to your posts. In the past forum users had to have their images hosted somewhere else and then had to add code to the image URL for it appear in the post. Not anymore, now you can add images directly from your computer to your post.

When uploading images try using web-ready images not high-resolution print files. The maximum image width has been set in the forum at 787px so that images larger than that won’t break the forum layout.

We also moved around some of the sections within the forum.

For new forum registers, we still activate new sign-ups individually for security purposes, so after you register, expect a short wait to have your account made active.

We hope you enjoy the updated forum along with it’s new features.

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