Vinny Ciccia

Vinny Ciccia

Vinny Ciccia

About The Artist:
Vinnie is a native New Yorker who was drawing since pre-school.  In his teen years he kept at it and became quite good.  He started drawing his friends cars on cardboard and they loved it.  In the 60’s he became a talented pinstriper, this exposed him to many local cool custom cars and motorcycles.  Realizing his talent he decided to enter art school after graduation.  He attended ‘The School of Visual Arts’ in New York.  That got him into the slick ‘stylized’ look that his pieces reflect today.

He eventually became interested in the airbrush.  He created many pieces in that medium and they started to sell well, he started doing ‘Promo Pieces’ for small automobile related firms, this developed into a graphic arts business for him.  In the mid ‘80’s another artist encouraged him to look into doing computer art.  At that time digital art was still a new thing, but the ‘slick look’ of the art got him.  He bought his first computer (an Apple II Mac) and taught himself to illustrate with the tools these “magic boxes” had, and the “digital” bug bit him.  Today he works out of his sunny Southern California digital studio creating some killer art.

It takes about 15hrs to create and complete a finished piece.  He builds the images entirely on a computer screen from scratch.  He uses photos or pictures for reference only.  They are digitally printed on 10mil photo stock using special non fade inks.  In the near future he is planning on putting these images on other products such as note cards, drink coasters, T-shirts, etc.

Classic Car, Hot Rod/Custom Car, Concept Design, Illustration


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